Two businesses one home. You choose.

BeepX Coin $199 USD BeepIQ $250 USD
Combo Offer (Limited availability) $398 USD

Welcome to the exciting world of BeepX Coin & Beep IQ Trades.

This is the ultimate build at home business.

You have been invited to join so please get yourself in a comfortable place and give this your undivided attention for the next 45 minutes, we think you will be glad you did.

Without even leaving your home the combination of these two businesses can provide a financial vehicle to achieve whatever you set your goal towards.

Welcome to BeepX Coin & BeepIQ Trades

Should your target be to pay your weekly shopping bills or replacing your whole household income to complete financial freedom these two vehicles can take you to where you decide.

This is a private members club by invitation only. BeepX Coin & Beep IQ Trades are blockchain businesses and both are part of the Beep Group of Companies dedicated to bringing seamless use of cryptocurrency into stores across the world.

We will explain in these pages how each company operates individually. To use the Beep IQ platform a private member has to subscribe to BeepX Coin.

In short summary BeepX Coin is an affiliate led company with an extensive and lucrative commission system and BeepIQ although it does pay commission to introducers is an individual private trading program.

How does it Work?

How does BeepX Coin work?

BeepX Coin is a cloud based cryptocurrency mining company.

Each members monthly subscription purchases a mining unit that lasts for two years. Every day for that period BeepCoins (BPC) are mined for you and delivered to your account to save or spend in a registered Beep Xtra store.

Our target is 1.5 million stores in over 70 countries. If there isn’t a Beep Xtra store near you and you have a favourite shop just let us know and we will go to work for you.

Around the time we reach 1,000 stores the BeepCoin will enter currency exchanges when you can sell it. Currently we have it held internally as the USD equivalent of 10 cents. This price is honoured in all Beep Xtra stores.

A major turning point in a new BeepX Coin affiliates belief is when you see BeepCoins arriving every day on your dashboard and then go to a local store to spend them. You take out your Beep Xtra card or App to make a purchase (from the cryptocurrency you have mined). The cashier asks how do you want to pay and you say “Beep please” and they click a tab on the ePOS cash register, the printer prints your sale receipt and everything becomes very real. Cloud mining cryptocurrency just bought that product, and your world will never be the same again!

Cryptocurrencies achieve their value by the volume of purchases and sales. If the coin is purchased more than sold it normally increases and it decreases as more is sold compared to purchased.

The BeepCoin is a true retail value based coin.

Every time anything is purchased in a Beep Xtra store that is a “buy-order” and when customers redeem their cashbacks that is a "sell-order". The BeepCoin therefore has a natural buffering from “pump & dump”.

Our algorithm of design for the BeepCoin is set to settle its value through 1.5 million stores at between $1 & $5 USD equivalent.

The nature of mining algorithms change in an upward direction making it either more scarce or harder to mine. Each monthly subscription is targeted to return as many as possible BeepCoins for you to hold onto and speculate with or spend today in Beep Xtra stores.

Every monthly subscription purchases another mining unit for two years, so every month the speed of accumulating the coins increases to a maximum speed of 24 mining units (when the oldest units begin to expire).

BeepX Coin Features


BeepX Coin compliments Beep Xtra because it creates enthusiastic customers wishing to spend their BeepCoins and hence helps to spread the word.


The BeepCoin converts to any currency in the world immediately.


Downloading the Beep Xtra App you will see that it can be set to any currency and you can send the BeepCoin to anyone anywhere in the world in a blink of an eye.

Yes that fast!.


Every ePOS cash register system installed by Beep Xtra technical integrators has the Steroid4.0 system inside it. Every ePOS in every Beep Xtra store is an individual mining rig creating BeepCoins a world first.


BeepCoin and the Steriod4.0 blockchain brings cryptocurrency seamlessly into stores anywhere in the world.


BeepX Coin provides all affiliates with a financial opportunity vehicle they can use for a part time income to bring in some extra needed cash up to a life changing opportunity, the choice as to how far you drive the vehicle is yours.


BeepX Coin affiliates can build entire communities with clusters of Beep Xtra stores giving a massive boost to local businesses by increasing overall economic security and independence for the regional population.


Commission is payable every day at the click of a button.


If you have never been involved in an affiliate business we give you as part of the registration fee a comprehensive set of training videos that has been proven to create over 3,000 millionaires. Our training is a condensed no nonsense set of videos. We even pay you 1,000 BeepCoins ($100 USD) just for watching them, yes we pay you just for learning this system!


The BeepX Coin commission system is the highest paying commission system available, it’s almost a “loss-leader”
Why? because it’s aim is to compliment Beep Xtra stores and if we make thousands of you financially independent as a result , we are sure you will be cool with that.

Even if you are joining BeepX Coin just to get access to BeepIQ we recommend learning everything that is available inside your dashboard because you never know who else is crying out for what you now have access to. Pass it on, Pay it Forward, Share Share Share.

You can register below to BeepX Coin for a one-time fee of $149

The subscription is $50 a month

*By purchasing the Combo Pack and joining BeepIQ at the same time we will give you the first $50 subscription free. See the Combo Pack offer at the bottom of this page.

What Billionaires say?

BeepIQ Trading


Special Offer (Limited availability)

Combo Offer BeepX Coin Registration and Minimum entry into Beep IQ (with first months subscription free) $398


Under normal circumstances Cryptocurrency trading is the realm of professionals. With Beep IQ you can choose to simply sit and watch our software & trader work for you automatically.

Our self-learning trading software analyses multiple trend curves simultaneously which is beyond even a professional traders capability.

Welcome to Beep IQ Trades

Beep IQ is an automatic cryptocurrency trading software, known as a "Bot" that trades for you the client. Beep IQ is a complex set of algorithms that decide how and when to trade, based on a number of indicators and patterns. Because we live in a volatile world a trader always has the last word on trade decisions.

Here you can increase your Bitcoin portfolio through trading. Remember Bitcoin goes up and down with volatility so the timing of exiting needs to be considered.

The task of Beep IQ is to increase your Bitcoin portfolio.

By disclaimer we feel responsible to inform you to remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results and cryptocurrency trading is considered high risk, therefore do not place any funds here that you cannot afford to lose.

Having said that Beep IQ considers that this is an incredible vehicle for you to increase your wealth and that Bitcoin by its nature is probably one of the most honest forms of real money.

How does Beep IQ work?

Beep IQ is a specialised service available exclusively to BeepX Coin subscribers.

Beep IQ is an automatic cryptocurrency trading software, known as a "Bot" that trades for you the client. Beep IQ is a complex set of algorithms that decide how and when to trade, based on a number of indicators and patterns. For added safety a trader always has the last say in trade decisions.

As a Beep IQ client the system does everything for you.

All you do is sit and watch your trades come to life.

Results are posted every 21 days.

You can withdraw every 21 days in a 48 hour window.

All your profits are compounded every day and you can withdraw some or all of your money every day for peace of mind.

Beep IQ shares the profit with you on a 50/50 basis and what you see on your results dashboard is yours.

Most similar platforms charge a lot of money to use such a complex system. To use the Beep IQ platform you need to be a BeepX Coin subscriber at $50 a month.

This is another great benefit and bonus because instead of blindly paying a fee just to use a platform here with us the $50 a month buys you cloud mining of Beep Coins that can be redeemed in Beep stores.

To Join

BeepX Coin Registration $149 + ($50 First Month Subscription) = $199


Beep IQ Minimum Entry level (Two trading currency pairs) + $249


(*1st months $50 subscription is free for the first 500 clients) Combo Package $398*

Beep IQ


Still not convinced?

Here are some more facts!

Beep IQ algorithm uses several indicators, pattern recognition, signals, and decides when to enter a trade accordingly

Sells when prediction is "down"
Tries to buy lower

Uses a "safe" high/low bid
with a stop-loss threshold.

Beep IQ uses a combination of these indicators: SMA, EMA, RSI, SAR, Doji detection, pattern detection, BOP and many more to predict where the price will move.

In case it gets caught in an uptrend, it's algorithm will decide whether it's worth risking it's stop-limit threshold, process corrective orders, or take the bite and start a new cycle.
Remember a human trader always has the final decision for added security.

So Go Ahead And Get Beep IQ At An

unbelievable discount below!

BeepX Coin Registration $149 + ($50 First Month Subscription) = $199


Beep IQ Minimum Entry level (Two trading currency pairs) + $249


(*1st months $50 subscription is free for the first 500 clients) Combo Package $398*

Available only for BeepXcoin subscribers